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Do-It Today List: Sort out your vouchers and coupons #DITlist June 10, 2012

Posted by CMK in 5 Minute Organisation, do-it-today to do list.

I find that I always end up with coupons and vouchers stuffed in my purse or bag from supermarkets or retailers like WH Smith or Boots. Take some time today to sort these out.


1. Bin the expired ones.

2. Check out the offer – and make a decision would you use it? Would it make you a potential saving down the line? Don’t just keep it “just in case”.

I found one for 20% off books. I have a pile of unread books in my house I don’t want to just buy a book for the sake of using the voucher, but at the same time I know I will make another book purchase in the future, so I consider if there is a book I particularly want and consider if I would make the purchase now. I make the decision not to. Because there are always book sales, any book I want it likely to come down in price.

3. If you have an organisational obsession like myself you might even note the expiry date in the diary and plan when you might use it and what for.



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