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Cheltenham Science Festival #cheltscifest #something for the weekend June 15, 2012

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It is time for the Cheltenham Science Festival again. It has been on all week, but the weekend is really the best time to visit with all the extra events/tents (many of them free) and a new addition this year: Cheltenham Editions . Bite Sized 15 minute talks from key speakers for just £2. Fantastic.

If you are in the area: worth a visit. Even if you are not in the immediate area: still worth a visit.

Website, information and events programme found here.


Do-It-Today List: Update your Birthday List #DITList June 12, 2012

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When I was a kid I knew everyone’s birthdays off by heart. Being the “organised one” friends would frequently ask me to remind them about our other friend’s birthdays. Once I went to university (and started using Facebook) Facebook tended to remind me about birthdays and over time I would forget birthdays or not know people’s birthdays unless Facebook prompted me.

I now rarely use Facebook and I certainly don’t sign in every day (or even every week). I now tend to miss birthdays.

So today – log into Facebook, check the birthday list and import them into a diary or calendar you actually use daily/check so that you remember in advance. Even if you use Facebook regularly it is still nice to include the important birthdays in your calendar.

Day 1: an Introduction to the concept June 1, 2012

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After many starts and non-starts with trying to blog, and many starts and non-starts with 365 day projects I decided to combine the two.

The #365 day project is to try to tackle my to-do list in 15 minute intervals with the aim of making it more manageable. I can pick and chose as many “15 minute intervals” I squeeze into any day to fit around my schedule the only rule is I have to do at least one 15 minute interval a day.

The blog element is to try and create a general information blog with a focus on organisation, time management and self improvement and to turn it into a readers to-do list.

The Projects

Some to do lists will be linked to a theme like “blogging in 15 minute intervals”, “improving your workplace organisation in 15 minute intervals” or “writing a book in 15 minute intervals”. These projects will be listed on the to-do list page and readers can follow along and complete the projects with me.

Do-it Today list

The rest will be general “do-it today” to-dos to remind the reader of something they might need to do, want to do and inspire them to take 15 minutes on that day to get it crossed off their to do list – even if it is in their “someday” column.

Something for the Weekend

On the weekend we usually have more time. Every weekend I shall suggest a larger project. This may be a go out and enjoy yourself post, an organisational project or even a self development project – simply whatever happens to have inspired me that week that I want to share with you.

So fancy the challenge?

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