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Do-It Today List: put things in your pocket June 5, 2012

Posted by CMK in 5 Minute Organisation, do-it-today to do list, iphone/ipad apps, Reading List.
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Yesterday I realised that working through Sunday’s do-it today would be much easier if all my reading list was actually in the same place. So today I decided I would sign up to “pocket” previously known as read it later so that I could centralise my reading list.

Pocket works with twitter, safari and flipboard, among other apps and services that we use online. You can also add things by email. It stores everything in a nice easy list, that way I don’t have to check through my emails and favourites etc.

I chose pocket simply because it was the first service that came to mind, but there are others that provide a similar service. Today pick one and start to organise your reading list for next Sunday. It is as easy as one two three.

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