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Do-it Today List: change your Linked in Password #DITlist June 7, 2012

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No explanation necessary but BBC have a handy how to just in case.


Do-It Today List: clean your mouse #DITlist June 6, 2012

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Stop wasting energy battling with your mouse – give it a good clean. today.


Instructions available here.

And… It might not be a bad idea to clean the mouse mat while you are at it.

Do-It Today List: put things in your pocket June 5, 2012

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Yesterday I realised that working through Sunday’s do-it today would be much easier if all my reading list was actually in the same place. So today I decided I would sign up to “pocket” previously known as read it later so that I could centralise my reading list.

Pocket works with twitter, safari and flipboard, among other apps and services that we use online. You can also add things by email. It stores everything in a nice easy list, that way I don’t have to check through my emails and favourites etc.

I chose pocket simply because it was the first service that came to mind, but there are others that provide a similar service. Today pick one and start to organise your reading list for next Sunday. It is as easy as one two three.

Blogging in 15 minute intervals #15MI June 4, 2012

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The first project will be focusing on this blog: starting a blog in 15 minute intervals.

Step One: Signing up for a Blog

There are only 2 things you need to get started in my opinion – a name and a host. The name I can’t help with this has to come from your own creativity.

The host, well I can offer my opinion – I have chosen WordPress as I find it so easy to use, blogger is a popular alternative. I moved from blogger to WordPress during my university years, but it has improved vastly in functionality since then.

See: Pulsed comparison chart if you want more details of the differences to help you make your choice.


Do-It-Today List: Make catching up on your reading a weekly habit #DITlist June 3, 2012

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At the end of the week one of my to-dos is to actually read all the articles I flagged, added to my favourites, emailed to myself etc. Everyone always has a “read it later” category (however they store it).

Today – sit down with a cup of tea/coffee and work through yours.

Try and build this into a weekly habit so that you are not overwhelmed. If you have a severe backlog just do the items that you flagged/starred this week then stop.

If you have any extra time, or want to spend another interval or two working at the list do so. But for now just try and fit in a weekly slot to get through the ones you flagged this week.

Bank Holiday Weekend #somethingfortheweekend June 2, 2012

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I am not going to tell you to do anything this weekend. because (1) you will already have plans and will be trying to fit it all into this extra long four day weekend and (2) the best way to start a project is to relax and prepare yourself mentally.

My personal goal for the weekend is to relax. I have been very busy and I have been feeling very tired these past couple of weeks. For once I would like to return to work less tired than when I left.

I really enjoyed this post from TIme Management Ninja – and what Craig said really rang true. I do – on a regular basis run myself down on a bank holiday, in fact last year I was ill most bank holidays. So I did not get to enjoy them at all.

So I will simply have a normal relaxing weekend, with some blogging, some tv or a film, some shopping, a nice meal, grocery shopping and maybe as part of joining in the jubilee celebrations – a BBQ.

You should do the same (If it is not too late to save you).

Day 1: an Introduction to the concept June 1, 2012

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After many starts and non-starts with trying to blog, and many starts and non-starts with 365 day projects I decided to combine the two.

The #365 day project is to try to tackle my to-do list in 15 minute intervals with the aim of making it more manageable. I can pick and chose as many “15 minute intervals” I squeeze into any day to fit around my schedule the only rule is I have to do at least one 15 minute interval a day.

The blog element is to try and create a general information blog with a focus on organisation, time management and self improvement and to turn it into a readers to-do list.

The Projects

Some to do lists will be linked to a theme like “blogging in 15 minute intervals”, “improving your workplace organisation in 15 minute intervals” or “writing a book in 15 minute intervals”. These projects will be listed on the to-do list page and readers can follow along and complete the projects with me.

Do-it Today list

The rest will be general “do-it today” to-dos to remind the reader of something they might need to do, want to do and inspire them to take 15 minutes on that day to get it crossed off their to do list – even if it is in their “someday” column.

Something for the Weekend

On the weekend we usually have more time. Every weekend I shall suggest a larger project. This may be a go out and enjoy yourself post, an organisational project or even a self development project – simply whatever happens to have inspired me that week that I want to share with you.

So fancy the challenge?

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